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Mermaid - Clay Tattoo Sheet (Laserjet)

Mermaid - Clay Tattoo Sheet (Laserjet)

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This specific tattoo design can be used on colored clay (unlike our other tattoo sheets which need to be on exclusively white clay) This is made with a Laserjet Printer, therefore it will bake right into the clay and won’t need to be sealed since toner bakes into clay unlike ink.

This is a petite strip - includes 4 fins which would make 2 sets of earrings.

A unique and fun way to incorporate elaborate designs and color on your polymer clay creations.

can be used on colored clay **** Mermaid Design Only!! As it’s printed on a LaserJet.

1. Cut desired amount of tattoo sheet. If you use the entire sheet, make sure your clay surface is longer than your tattoo surface so all edges are secure.
2. Place image face down on clay. Gently smooth over it with your fingers.
3. Wet the back of the tattoo paper with a wet paper towel.
4. Once the paper is saturated enough, gently slide away the paper, leaving the image intact on the clay.
6. Cut desired shapes and bake.
7. (Optional) Seal your finished pieces with UV RESIN or a clear varnish.

****ORIGINAL ARTWORK - Digitally Drawn by Rook. Www.TheRookeryCandlesLLC.Com ****

Instructional videos on how to use our image sheets can be found on our Instagram. @lunarlovetools and on our YouTube channel.

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