Make money teaching Polymer Clay Workshops

How would it feel to...

  • Offer a Unique craft party option in your community
  • Turn your crafting passion into profits
  • Get paid before you've even packed your car
  • Use your pile of clay supplies to bring others joy
  • Confidently book venues and fill the seats
  • Market clay parties like a pro
  • Have 24/7 access to a training portal (Learn at your pace)
  • Be part of a supportive community of makers

What is Clay Party Headquarters?



Learn everything you need to know to start hosting your own Polymer Clay Parties successfully in your community. From marketing, to taking enrollments, to group instructions and more...this course will teach you how to lead a smooth clay party that participants are eager to come back to!

Polymer Clay Turtle Tutorial



Take the guesswork out of deciding which clay projects to offer in your course. All CPH Members get access to finished earring images and corresponding tutorials so you can simply upload the images you want to offer in your parties and print off for guest. No more time wasted looking for ideas, inspiration, and how-to's.

get access to


It can be lonely when no one around you is going through what your experiencing. That's why we created the CPH Private Facebook Group for Party Hosts JUST LIKE YOU! Together we can share helpful ideas, answer questions, give feedback and more. You don't have to feel alone, we can navigate together.



Stand out against the competition by staying up-to-date with industry trends, business/marketing classes, advanced tutorials and more! As our Members evolve, so does the information being presented.  We've got BIG PLANS for our CPH Members and it doesn't just stop at Hosting Parties.

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Get access to all things Polymer Clay Workshops and join our community of makers just like YOU! Membership is valid for one (1) FULL YEAR and renews afterwards on a yearly basis. Feel free to cancel at any time.

Intro to Clay Parties Course Lessons

  • Intro to Polymer Clay Workshops
  • Supplies and Materials
  • Pricing your Workshop
  • Choosing your Location
  • Selecting Earring Designs
  • Set Up
  • Instructional Exercises
  • Marketing & Taking Registrations
  • Upselling Opportunities
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  • It felt amazing being able to host my first party. It was something I thought about doing, but needed the push and encouragement to actually make it happen... The course covers all the areas needed to run a successful party with confidence.

    - Taryn

  • I’m legit so grateful for you and all your help in all my journey❤️

    - Kristine

Begin your journey hosting Polymer Clay Workshops, starting today

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What are the perks of becoming a Member to Clay Party Headquarters?

As a Member, you get continuous support and resources along your Clay Party Journey. Benefits include 24/7 access to the online portal for training materials, downloadable pdfs and templates to use in your parties, Q&A Coaching, access to a Private Facebook Group, live webinars and workshops, replay access to previous content, member exclusive discounts with partnering Clay Tool makers and brands, as well as extra bonus resource goodies along the way.

Can I cancel my Membership?

We would be sad to see you go, but you can absolutely cancel your annual subscription at anytime. Just keep in mind you must have an active membership to access course material, monthly bonus add-ons, webinars and discounted supplier codes. Given the exclusive information and discount rates included in the course, we do not offer pro-rated refunds.

Are Workshops expensive to host?

One of the biggest perks of Polymer Clay Workshops is that they are generally low cost once you have the essential supplies. Most of your expenses will be done upfront (rollers, tools, pasta machine) and will be used repeatedly afterwards going forward. Generally speaking, it cost about $5 in non-renewable expenses for a Guest to make 3-pairs of earrings. So once you've paid off your supplies, generally from your first workshop, every class going forward is almost solely PROFIT!

Do I need a Craft Studio?

No! Although this is a GREAT resource for Craft Studios, I will teach you how to network and secure locations for your clay parties.

Why is the Membership a yearly subscription?

Our decision to offer a yearly subscription model is rooted in our commitment to providing a flexible, comprehensive, and continuously evolving learning experience. It's designed to cater to diverse learning styles, ensure ongoing support, and provide added value beyond just the course content. A yearly subscription allows learners to progress through the course content at their preferred pace. Not everyone learns at the same speed, and having a year-long subscription ensures that individuals can absorb the material thoroughly without feeling rushed. Subscribers benefit from continuous updates, new modules, twelve months of support, live webinars and workshops, and the latest Polymer Clay insights throughout the year.